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                      The NEFU Swim Team Breaks Six National Records in the Chinese College Students Sunshine Swimming Competition
                      Release time: 2019-07-05    Times viewed: 494

                      The 2019 Chinese College Students Sunshine Swimming Competition was held from June 7th to 10th at the Yibin Sports Center in Sichuan. The NEFU swim team broke six national records in the competition, and won first place in the group, third in the women’s group, and the fourth in the men’s group. The total score of the group achieved two consecutive championships.

                      The competition is the highest level of Chinese college students swimming competition. It was sponsored by the Federation of University Sports of China and hosted by the Educational Bureau and the Sports Bureau of Nanxi District of Yibin. The 2019 Competition attracted 450 athletes and coaches from 56 universities including Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and Nanjing University.

                      A total of 10 athletes from the NEFU swim team participated. Under the leadership of Coaches Wang Suwei, Liu Dan, and staff member Liu Man, the team members did not fear the opponents and broke through themselves. They showed the style of NEFU students and won honor for NEFU. In addition, NEFU also won the Team Morality Award, and Liu Dan won the Excellent Coach Award.