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                      NEFU Wins the Special Prize of the 6th National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Competition
                      Release time: 2019-07-05    Times viewed: 393

                      From May 31 to June 2, the 6th National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Competition was held in Tianjin. A total of 276 teams from 148 colleges and universities in 29 provinces participated in the competition. The two teams sent by NEFU stood out and won the special prize of the “Double 8” project and the second prize of the “S Ring” project, respectively.

                      The National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Competition is a national science and technology innovation activity for university students, which is approved by the Ministry of Education, funded by the Ministry of Finance, and sponsored by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education. It is one of the three most influential national college student competitions (National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest). This competition is held every two years with the aim of “serving talents, improving quality of education, and guiding the way for entrepreneurship and employment.” The competition implements a three-level competition system of schools, provinces and the whole country. Based on the school-level competition, the students are selected to enter the upper-level competitions.

                      The competition is based on the comprehensive engineering training and teaching platforms of universities in China, and focuses on practice and encourages innovation. It is a public welfare science and technology innovation activity aimed at deepening the reform of experimental teaching, improving practical engineering ability, innovation consciousness, and teamwork spirit of college students, stimulating their interest in scientific research and exploration, exploring their innovation potential and wisdom, and promoting the cultivation of innovative talents.

                      This competition started in the second half of 2018. After the two levels of both school and provincial competitions, 276 teams were selected from 3,536 teams to participate in the national finals held at Tianjin University of Technology and Education. There were more than 50,000 teachers and students participating in this competition, which reached the highest level in history and had an extensive influence among teachers and students. The competition is high in level, large in scale, and very unique. It has a total of 82 special prizes, 82 first prizes and 133 second prizes. Guided by Yang Jiawu and Sun Xue, the team which consisted of students Li Xinyu, Yin Mingxin and Wang Zhenyu won the special prize of the “Double 8” project; guided by Yang Jiawu and Zhu Hai, the team which consists of students Zhang Ruzhi, Yao Shuwei, and You Sibo won the second prize of the “S Ring” project.