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                      President Li Bin Visits Three Universities in New Zealand and Australia
                      Release time: 2019-05-22    Times viewed: 764

                      From April 8th to 15th, President Li Bin visited the University of Auckland, the University of Western Australia and the University of Technology-Sydney at the invitation of Stuart McCutcheon, President of the University of Auckland, Dawn Freshwater, President of the University of Western Australia, and Attila Brungs, President of the University of Technology Sydney.

                      At the University of Auckland, President Li Bin and President Stuart McCutcheon exchanged ideas on the construction of Aulin College, a cooperative college of the two universities. Li Bin also discussed with John Hosking, the Director of the Faculty of Science, Brett Berquist, the Director of the International Department, and some of the teachers in detail about the enrollment, curriculum, and learning style of Aulin College and visited the Chemistry and Biosciences Laboratory of the Faculty of Science. With Nic Smith, Director of the Faculty of Engineering, Li Bin signed the “Academic Cooperation Agreement between Northeast Forestry University and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Auckland”.

                      In Auckland, President Li also attended the founding conference of Northeast Forestry University Alumni Association (New Zealand), and presented Honorary President Yin Shan and President Wu Meng with a flag. President Li introduced the development of NEFU to New Zealand alumni, and hoped that the overseas alumni would often go back to NEFU to give advice and suggestions for the development of NEFU.

                      At the University of Western Australia, President Li Bin and President Dawn Freshwater signed the “Agreement for the Cooperative Projects and Courses between Northeast Forestry University and the University of Western Australia”. Li also discussed further cooperation with Vice President Robyn Owens, Vice President Erika Techera, Yinong Liu, Deputy Director of Department of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Peter Robertson, Dean of Business School, and others in charge of the International Department. Li also visited the robot laboratory.

                      At the University of Western Australia, President Li and his entourage also visited the NEFU students who are studying there, encouraging them to cherish their opportunity to study abroad and study hard.

                      At the University of Technology-Sydney, President Li Bin held talks with President Attila Brungs and Vice President Iain Watt. They exchanged views on the cooperation between the two universities in the "3+2" mode of joint training of undergraduate and graduate students, artificial intelligence and drone equipment in forest fire prevention technology. Li Bin also listened to the introduction of some research projects and drone bush fire monitoring technology of the Department of Engineering and Information Technology, and visited the data simulation laboratory.

                      Sun Hongzhi, Director of the International Cooperation Office, and Li Mingze, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office, accompanied Li Bin for the visit.