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                      School of Civil Engineering

                      The College of Civil Engineering is one of the earliest engineering schools of Northeast Forestry University. At present, the school has 124 teaching and administrative staff, among which there are 8 doctoral tutors of and 55 Master’s tutors. There are currently 2,087 undergraduate and 654 postgraduate students. The College of Civil Engineering, formerly known as Northeast Forestry College Logging Department and Forest Road Program major, was established in 1964. They united, seizing the opportunity to forge ahead, persisting in education, learning, and research, forming extraordinary education, and developing fields by the efforts of several generations, accumulating a high academic level and strict academic style.

                      The College of Civil Engineering has founded 2 Ph.D. programs of forest transportation engineering and highway and railway engineering, one post-doctoral research station, 4 first-level master degrees, 5 secondary professional master’s degrees of highway and railway engineering and bridge and tunnel engineering, etc, 3 professional master’s degrees, such as transportation engineering, and 4 undergraduate majors, such as civil engineering. In addition, it has established a national Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station detecting center, experimental teaching model center and cold area highway program laboratory in Heilongjiang.

                      The College of Civil Engineering has been cooperating and communicating with relative international colleges or universities and industries in Korea, Canada, America, Japan, Britain, Russia, Finland, Vietnam, Sudan and so on, cultivating Ph.D. students from Vietnam and Sudan. Meanwhile, it has been taking the responsibility of science research through over 60 projects, published more than 810 of researching and teaching theses in domestic and overseas academic journals and conferences, with at least 110 pieces indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP, and published more than 100 specialized works and textbooks, obtaining over 30 types honors and accolades. The College of civil engineering has developed into an important base for civil engineering professional training and scientific research.