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                      College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

                      The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering was founded in 1958. As one of the largest and strongest colleges, it boasts excellent conditions and faculty. The college adheres to the concept of “improving quality and developing connotation”, keeps the cultivation of its student’s innovative and entrepreneurial ability as the core, and unremittingly advances education and teaching reform. The college has 7 mechanical and electrical undergraduate programs, implementing recruitment and cultivation according to its first-level disciplines. It has one first-level and four second-level disciplines offering doctoral degrees, and two first-level and ten second-level disciplines offering master’s degrees, which provide students with a complete academic degree education system from bachelor's degrees to doctoral degrees. Thanks to the unremitting effort of several generations of scholars, the college has accumulated a profound academic foundation, with a high level of faculty. 

                      The college has 152 teachers and staff members, including 23 professors, 68 associate professors, and 53 lecturers. Among them, there are 10 doctoral supervisors and 70 supervisors for master degree students. Two teachers have the title of Cross-century Talent granted by the State Forestry Administration, three teachers have been awarded the title of Provincial and Ministerial Young and Middle-aged Expert, two experts enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, and one teacher is included in the New Century Outstanding Personalities Supporting Project. There are multifunctional teaching, scientific research and innovation laboratories, providing a sound platform for the cultivation of innovative talents. Students have achieved great results in various innovative activities of scientific research. The college’s quality has been highly rewarded by graduates’ employers and society.








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