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                      School of International Education and Exchanges

                      The Northeast Forestry University (NEFU) School of International Education and Exchanges was founded in 2009. Initially, the school shared staff with the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and was mainly responsible for the management and services for international students. In 2014, the school became independent and expanded in organizational structure in order to build a platform which would integrate resources and promote the University’s global academic influence. The school consists of an Admissions Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Students Affairs Office, Students Services Office and 8 staff members.

                      As NEFU’s gateway to the world, the School of International Education and Exchanges has been, since its establishment, dedicated to exploring ways of transnational educational collaboration, and bringing in high quality global educational resources. Presently,there are 353 international students from 57 countries studying at the school. Through hard work, the school has been making great achievements and has successfully educated a large number of excellent students from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Argentina, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries or regions. With the mission of inheriting the traditions of educational excellence of NEFU while at the same time absorbing the essence of modern western higher education, the School of International Education and Exchanges will continue to work to further engage with the academic world and to cultivate high-level talents with a global vision.