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                      Expert Teams
                      PCSIRT---“Forest Carbon Sink Theory and Breeding Techniques”

                      Lead Researcher: Wang ChuankuanKey
                      Members: Yang Chuanping, Wang Zhengquan, Li Fengri, Di Xueying, Liu Guifeng, Cui Xiaoyang
                      Team Members: Jin Guangze, Wang Yucheng, Li Chenghao, Liu Zhaogang, Wang Xiaochun, Gao Caiqiu

                      The study of the theory and technology of forest carbon sink is an important scientific proposition of current forestry and ecological environmental science, and it is a topic of great demand for national forestry ecological environment construction as well. The research in this area not only strongly promotes basic and applied research of forestry and ecology, makes innovative achievements and improves international academic status,
                      but also develops measures to slow climate change and provides technological support for international diplomatic negotiations. It has great practical significance to the ecological civilization construction and ecological security of China.

                      PCSIRT “Forest Carbon Sink Theory and Breeding Techniques” is based on the “Project 211” construction achievement of national key disciplines---ecology (second level discipline) and forestry (first level discipline), taking “Heilongjiang Mao’ershan Forest Ecosystem & State Field Scientific Monitoring Station” of the Ministry of Science and Technology, “Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology” of the Ministry of Education, and the “Key Laboratory of Northeast Forest Resources Cultivation” of the State Forestry Administration as research platforms. Taking the theory and technology of forest carbon sink as an entry path, this team also pays close attention to ecological environment construction and sustainable development of forestry. Attention is focused on the major problems in national and regional forestry ecological environment construction. The team focuses on strengthening the discipline advantages of the forest ecosystem, tree genetics and breeding, and forest resource cultivation. The team has gained a foothold in academic accumulation and a good foundation of cooperation, with “Eleventh Five-Year-Plan” scientific research, and the “Twelfth Five-Year-Plan” National Sci-Tech Support Plan known as “Key Technology Research of Northeast Forest Carbon Sink”.

                      This innovation team has 12 members, all of whom are academic leaders and professors of relevant research. One professor won the “National Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists” and is entitled a “Yangtze River Scholar”; four entered the National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project; four were included in the Trans-Century Talents Program; two were included in the New Century Outstanding Talent Supporting Project; one is entitled a “Longjiang Scholar”, and one won the honor National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation. Since the start of the “Eleventh Five-Year-Plan”, team members have undertaken 75 projects including National Science-technology Support Projects, “973” projects and Key Projects of NSFC. The total funding of these projects is 79,230,000 yuan. 9 monographs and more than 500 papers have been published, and 79 are included in SCI. The team has won 22 awards, which include Second-class Prizes of National Science & Technology Progress Awards, Liang Xi Awards of Chinese Society of Forestry, and Second-class Prizes of Heilongjiang Science & Technology Progress Awards. It has also won 11 foreign and domestic intellectual properties and set 1 industry standard.

                      Since the start of the project, NEFU has made innovative achievements on forest carbon sink theory, the technology of high carbon sequestration of new tree varieties, sustainable management technology of carbon sequestration forest, and so on. Altogether 63 papers have been published in mainstream journals of ecology and forestry, like Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Tree Physiology, Applied Geography, and Geoderma (24 of the papers are included in SCI, with a cumulative impact factor of 47.76). 1 monograph has been published, 15 patents have been authorized, and 4 species of trees have been cultivated. The achievements of this team have provided a theoretical basis and scientific and technological support for China’s carbon sequestration forestry, forest sustainable management, and national diplomacy negotiations on climate change, and have a significant impact on China’s forestry industry.

                      PCSIRT---“Saline-alkali Soil Remediation Technology and Foundation of Molecular Breeding”

                      Lead Researcher: Liu Shenkui
                      Key Members: Zhao Yusen, Yan Xiufeng, Zhang Xinxin, Cheng Yuxiang, Dai Shaojun, Li Lixin, Jin Lihua, Li Renzhi

                      PCSIRT---“Saline-alkali Soil Remediation Technology and Foundation of Molecular Breeding” is built on the foundation of the NEFU “Research Center of Bio-resources and Environment of Saline-alkali Soil” and the Ministry of Education “Key Laboratory of Saline-alkali Vegetation Ecology Restoration in the Northeast Oil Field”. In 2001, the Research Center of Bio-resources and Environment of Saline-alkali Soil was built by the lead researcher. In 2009, approval was given for the construction of the Key Laboratory of Saline-alkali Vegetation Ecology Restoration in the Northeast Oil Field. Currently, there are 7 doctoral supervisors, 3 distinguished professors and 6 associate professors, with 80% of the members having the experience of studying abroad. They are an academic team formed after long-term discipline construction and scientific research accumulation.

                      The innovation team mainly focuses on the biological resources of saline-alkali soil, the basic science of stress biology and the conservation, remediation and prevention of saline-alkali soil. Through the collating, identification, and evaluation of the special regional stress-resistant plant resources, they are given access to important resources of tolerance to poor regional soils. To study the function and analyze the principles of the drought-resistant and salinity-tolerant genes, they researched the stress-resistance principle of wild extremely stress-resistant plants. At the same time, the methods and models of vegetation restoration and reconstruction in Songnen saline-alkali grassland were studied to provide scientific support for soil remediation and conservation in saline-alkali soil. The team has hosted the national “863” project, the National Science and Technology Support Projects, the Forestry Public Welfare Industry Research Project, the “948” project of State Forestry Administration, NSFC, Key Scientific and Technological Projects of Heilongjiang Province, the Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province and a number of other research projects. The team has also joined the New Century Outstanding Talent Supporting Project of the Ministry of Education and a series of other talent projects, and achieved outstanding results.

                      Presently, the team trains 101 postgraduates (master’s and doctoral students). It also constantly strengthens the training intensity of postgraduate students, and has tried a variety of training modes in order to further enhance the self-discipline, rigor and creativity of the postgraduate students. At the same time, with the help of the academic exchanges and the cooperation relationships of the research team, a number of outstanding postgraduate students were selected to do scientific research in foreign countries, thus improving their comprehensive ability. With the joint efforts of all team members, two of the graduated postgraduates were hired as professors and doctoral supervisors; many were employed as associate professors, and two were included in the New Century Outstanding Talent Supporting Project. The team has achieved fruitful results.